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BJ Penn: "Matt Hughes Fought Like A P***Y."

BJ Penn is getting set to take on Joe Stevenson for the vacant UFC lightweight title. He’s been making the rounds with the British press and giving them all the quotes they can handle; as only BJ can. Here are his latest “gem’s” courtesy of The Sun:

Penn On Matt Hughes:

I thought Matt Hughes fought like a pussy. I think he was scared and he let Georges take him down all night long. He was so scared to stand. I think he was still scarred from that knockout a year ago and he didn’t fight. He didn’t fight. What’s the sense of being the greatest welterweight of all time if you’re going to get you’re ass kicked like that? It makes no sense.

Penn On Georges St. Pierre:

Georges St. Pierre never surprises me, he’s a great athlete, a great fighter and I expect things like that from him but I expect things like that from Matt Hughes too.

Penn On Matt Hughes Weaknesses:

Everyone knows Matt Hughes is weakest on his back and he’s got to know that too so if you’re so weak on your back why are you letting the guy take you down without even trying? I mean come on, where was his sprawl?

Penn On Georges St. Pierre Vs. Matt Serra:

Honestly, don’t count Matt Serra out against Georges St. Pierre. St. Pierre might still be scarred from that knockout from UFC 69. Matt Serra is a dangerous fight for St. Pierre because GSP isn’t as good on top as Matt is at ground and pound – I don’t see him passing Serra’s guard all over. Serra’s got a chance on his back with his arm bars and triangles and he’s already knocked St. Pierre out. I give Matt a great shot at winning that fight but I think it’s better for the sport if St. Pierre wins because he’s so dynamic – he can do all these things, he took Matt Hughes down and kicked his butt but don’t ever count Matt Serra out.

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