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Brandon Vera On His Fight With Tim Sylivia: "I’m ashamed to have been a part of it."

Brandon Vera has seemingly flown under the radar since his unanimous decision loss to Tim Sylvia at UFC 77. Vera revealed after the fight that he broke his hand in the very first exchange of the fight and had to adjust his game plan. MMAWeekly had the oppertunity to sit down with the rising heavyweight star to discuss the fight and his future.

Vera On Breaking His Hand In The Fight:

My thumb got caught and pulled back like a banana. I held my breath and pulled it real hard and it didn’t go back in. I finished the first round, went back to my coaches, who were like ‘(expletive) your left hand, you don’t need it! Use your right hand.’ I was like cool, I won’t use my left hand. I wanted to punch Tim so hard.I should have just kept touching and moving, instead of trying to light him up early. He started hitting me; I couldn’t hit him back. I started throwing short elbows to try and catch him on his way in. I sucked. That was one of the most boring fights ever. I’m ashamed to have been a part of it.

Vera On His Recovery:

The weekend after the fight, I still couldn’t pick up a plate of food. We’re hoping for the best. I wish they would put me with Tim again, but it looks like I’m going to climb up the ladder again. I don’t care who they put me with, I’m banging. I’ll make sure not to punch so hard in the beginning; I’ll make sure I use up all the rounds.

Vera On The Fight Between Big Nog and Tim Syliva:

It’s really hard to look at. “Coulda, shoulda, woulda been me, so it sucks.

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