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Cung Le On Fighting Frank Shamrock: "We will be fighting March 29th."

Cung Le recently caught up with our friends over at PunchDrunkGamer to update the status of his fight with Frank Shamrock, give his thoughts on a Shamrock vs. Shamrock showdown and much more.

Cung Le On The Finish Of His Last Fight Against Sammy Morgan:

Not only was I delivering kicks but towards the end of one of the rounds he came at me and I caught him with a right hook. When he went to the ground we both kind of stumbled and I ended up on top of him. That’s when he tried to get me in the triangle choke. I was able to put his head down and get out and get the fight back up standing. Then later on in the fight when we were both on the ground again I was able to pin his arm between my legs and unload several punches to his face. That is the first time in my whole career I thought to myself “Man this Sport is Violent”.

Cung Le On His Upcoming Fight With Frank Shamrock And Some Inside Info On The Shamrock vs. Shamrock Battle:

As far as I know we will be fighting March 29th. The fight with his brother is slated for next year. Why would they have that fight on a Monday night? I think that our fight will be bigger anyway because it’s not like Ken has had a lot of success lately with his two losses to Tito Ortiz. Fans will watch that fight because of the drama between the two but I believe that our fight will be better.

Cung Le On The Youtube video Released By Frank Shamrock Mocking Le’s Skills.

Yes I have seen that Youtube video. It’s only about 30 seconds long. You should ask him to post the whole unedited video and then people can make up their own mind. That video only contained the first round of our warm-ups but that’s fine because now fans can have something to watch that will help build up the fight. Personally, I laughed at the video. When we were sparring that time Frank had his video camera and I did not have one, so he is the only one that has the whole unedited version. So unless Frank posts the whole video, fans will just have to wait until March to see what really happened during that sparring session.

Cung Le On Training For Frank Shamrock:

Now that I believe that the Frank Shamrock fight is going to happen in March, I will be updating the double-day workouts and keeping my body fresh. The fight is almost three months away so I will just be concentrating on my training.

Cung Le On His Advantages In The Fight:

Of course I believe that my advantages are going to be in the stand-up game. Frank will have the advantage on the ground where he is very good. At the same time, Frank is also very good in his stand-up and with 4 ounce gloves everyone in MMA has a punchers’ chance. It is almost like hitting with your bare fists. I like my chances in this fight and that is all that I am going to say about it. This time around I have hired a nanny to help with the kids so that I can concentrate 100% on my fight with Frank. This fight is very important in my career and I cannot afford any distractions.

Cung Le On Working With Strikeforce And His UFC Prospects:

I have always fought for Strikeforce as they used to promote my kickboxing and amateur career. They have always supported me and that is why I am with them. Dana White has approached me a couple of times. I’ve also talked to Pro-Elite a couple of times and after my fight with Tony Fryklund they wanted to sign me. Scott Coker has always taken very good care of me and I have no reason to leave Strikeforce. They pay me very well and are always very supportive. Of course the UFC is the flagship of MMA but at this point they have not made any offers that have caught my attention.

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