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Sean Sherk To Fight In April – UFC 84?

Sean Sherk was in Toronto, Canada this past weekend to host a special screening of UFC 79: Nemesis. was there and caught up with the former UFC lightweight champion to discuss the fallout from his suspension for testing positive for steroids, his brewing feud with BJ Penn, and when he’ll be inside the cage again. Here are some of the highlights from their conversation:

Sherk On BJ Penn:

BJ Penn likes to talk a lot of smack, and I don’t have respect for the guy. I’d love to fight him, shut his mouth up, but he needs to worry about Joe Stevenson first. BJ Penn likes to talk all this crap about me testing positive for steroids. I think somebody should test his during his offseason and see what they come up with.

Sherk On Who He’ll Be Pulling For At UFC 80:

You know, BJ’s a bigger fight for me. More money. We don’t like each other. I think it would be great if Joe Stevenson beat him. He spends all this time talking about me and then he gets beat by Joe. That would be kinda funny. But it doesn’t matter to me who wins, I just want to fight.

Sherk On When He’ll Fight Again:

Well I’m supposed to be fighting in April. They told me I’m fighting in April, so hopefully I’ll be on that card.