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M-1 Executives Talk About The End Of Pride And The Beginning Of M-1

M-1 Global Executives Vadim Finkelstein and Sergei Matvienko recently posted an interview on their M-1 Mixfight website. Here are some of the highlights from that interview:

Vadim On M-1’s Ability And Willingness To Work With Fighters From Around The World:

Vadim: First of all we stated that we intend to collaborate with different promotions in the first place. We’ll keep cooperating with K-1 and other organizations willing to cooperate with us.

Vadim On A Fedor vs. Couture Matchup:

Right now we do our best to arrange Fedor – Randy fight. Almost everyone wants that megafight – Randy, M-1 Global and every single MMA fan in the world.

Vadim On What’s Next For M-1 Global:

Vadim: We plan to keep MMA fans happy. There are 5-6 major events a year planned. We intend to hold ‘M-1 Challenge’ in four countries. You’ll get the details later on.

Vadim On Fedor’s Next Fight:

Vadim: Now I can only confirm that Fedor’s next fight is scheduled to take place in the USA. More details in a couple of weeks.

Vadim On Fedor Possibly Giving K-1 Champion Semmy Schilt A Rematch:

Vadim: There are no oponents Fedor won’t like to fight. Schilt has already tried himself against Fedor back in 2002. He is a good kickboxer. I don’t think he’s greatly improved his MMA skills since then. But if there is a brisk demand for it – it can happen.

Vadim and Sergei On The End Of Pride:

Sergei: This championship closed curtains of legendary events held under the Pride banner. Now we’ll revive this tradition under the name of M-1 Global.

Vadim: We saw off Pride but MMA fans shouldn’t feel upset about it. M-1 Global will do its best to resurrect wonderful MMA-events and make fans happy.