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George Sotiropoulous Blames Loss To Tommy Speer On Eye Poke, Wants Rematch

George Sotiropoulous and Mac Danzig seemed to be on a collision course to meet at the TUF 6 Live Finale, but apparently no one told that to Tommy Speer who soundly handled Sotiropoulous in their semifinal match up; though not with out some controversy.

Speer unintentionally thumbed Sotiropoulous in the eye, a move that Sotiropoulous, according to Tony Naemi of, says greatly affected the outcome of their match up.

Sotiropoulous On The Eye Poke:

It totally affected the outcome of the fight. Anyone would be affected by this. Just stick a thumb in your eye and see if you can spell your name on a piece of paper, drive a car or have a fight. I guarantee you will have a lot of difficulty doing any of those things safely or effectively.

Sotiropoulous On Who He’d Like To Face Next:

I want a rematch with Tommy Speer because the thumb in the eye affected the outcome of the fight. I believe the outcome of this fight would have been different had he not poked me in the eye. I would also like to fight Mac Danzig because that’s the match that would have happened if I won the Speer fight. We were both the favorites on TUF 6 so a lot of people still want to see this fight happen.

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