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Dana White: Nogueira and Sylvia are fighting for the interim title. The winner will fight Randy.

Randy Couture has told anyone that will listen that his days fighting for the UFC are over. He has stated repeatedly that the only fight that makes sense for him now, being in the twilight of his career, is a showdown with the world’s consensus number one heavyweight, Fedor Emelianenko.

Couture pushed very hard for this fight and as we learned last week, even went so far as to secure a proposal from M-1, who have a contract with Fedor, to work with the UFC on a cross-promotion. The UFC was having none of it however, and Dana White doesn’t appear to be taking Couture’s comments seriously per his comments to

“I expect Randy Couture to honor his contract. He is the heavyweight champion of the UFC. Until he either retires or fulfills his contract, he fights for the UFC,” said White.

In fact, White has Couture’s next fight with the UFC already tabbed.

“Nogueira and Sylvia are fighting for the interim title, and the winner will fight Randy.”