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Update On Matt Lindland’s Status With The UFC

Matt Lindland is one of the best middleweight fighters in the world. The UFC is starving for quality middleweight fighters to add to its least talented division. Seems like a perfect fit right? So why isn’t Lindland, who had a falling out with UFC president Dana White late in 2005, back with the popular promotion? According a quick interview he gave to Fortunal’s Log he just has to wait in line.

“I have expressed interest in fighting for the UFC ever since I was released in August of o5?, says Lindland. It seems that Dana White is on the move, some guys just have to wait in the line.

Dana White, for his part, seems to enjoy playing hardball with Lindland.

“I’ve had some issues with Lindland in the past. I have talked to him, and they want to continue to talk,” he said. “I am still on the fence with Lindland. I want someone that wants to be a team player. I don’t need a promotion full of Titos (Ortiz).”

White finished the conversation with a nice verbal jab by comparing Lindland to his friend and training partner Dan Henderson.

“I think Henderson is 10 times the fighter that Matt Lindland is,” White said, “He is much more well-rounded, and if Silva does to Henderson what he’s been doing to everyone else? Wow, he will be the man.”