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Dana White’s UFC State Of Address

Dana White addressed a number of issues concerning the state of the UFC at last Saturday’s post fight press conference. Among the highlights:

White On The UFC’s Expansion:

The two places we’re focusing on right now are New York and Mexico, so I’m hoping to be in both by 2009.

White On Matt Serra’s Status:

Matt Serra is very confident that he will heal quickly. I think he feels he’ll be ready for April. That wouldn’t suck.

White On The Competition:

This sport is like the ‘Wild, Wild West’ right now. The biggest guy [coming in] right now is Mark Cuban. He’s got a lot of money and everyone is talking about what he’s going to do. Floyd Mayweather is walking around with $70 million in his pocket and we all know how Floyd loves to spend money, so I’m sure Cuban is trying to get him to invest in it. I like it. The more money that comes into the sport the better it is to help grow the sport. More athletes get fights, make money, start their careers, and they’ll all end up in the UFC at the end of the day.

White On Getting More TV Exposure:

It’s taken longer than I’d hoped after the whole Spike thing started going well, but the bottom line is, we’re not going to cut a deal that doesn’t make sense. I don’t care who the deal is with. We did this whole thing on our own. Nobody helped us. Nobody was running up trying to finance us … so it’s going to be done on our terms. In the next few weeks we’re going to be making some announcements that are going to shake up the entire industry again.