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UFC 79: Nemesis Live Coverage


Mark Bocek beat Doug Evans by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Roan Carneiro defeated Tony DeSouza via TKO in Round 2.

Dean Lister defeated Jordan Radev by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Manny Gamburyan beat Nate Mohr via Submission with an ankle lock in Round 1.

James Irvin beat Luis Cane via Disqualification due to a knee on ground in Round 1.


Melvin Guillard vs. Rich Clementi

Round 1: The bad blood between the two showed during their staredown as they had to be separated before the fight began. After a couple of minutes in the round, Clementi took Guillard down and put Guillard in a full nelson. Shortly after Guillard got up and hit Clementi with some good punches that rocked him. Towards the end Clementi got a choke on Guillard causing Guillard to tap.

Winner: Rich Clementi via tapout in Round 1. After the fight the two almost started fighting again.

Sokoudjou vs. Lyoto Machida

Round 1: Sokoudjou hit Machida early but Machida then took Sokoudjou down to the ground. They spent most of the round on the ground before they were stood up. Late in the round Sokoudjou took Machida down but it was Machida’s round. I score it 10-9 for Machida.

Round 2: Machida hit a high kick early. Machida caught Sokoudjou and hit him with a bunch of punches on the ground and then attempted a arm triangle. Machida kept it on the ground and dominated. Machida hit an arm triangle and Sokoudjou tapped.

Winner: Lyoto Machida via submission.

Eddie Sanchez vs. Sao Palelei

Round 1: Palelei pushed Sanchez up against the cage early. In the middle of the round Sanchez hit Palelei with an errant low blow, and Palelei took a couple of minutes to recover. I’d score it 10-9 for Sanchez.

Round 2: Pretty slow round and the crowd booed throughout. Sanchez dominated the round again, 10-9 for Sanchez.

Round 3: Sanchez hit some nice punches early on. After a flurry of punches, the fight was stopped and Sanchez got the win.

Winner: Eddie Sanchez via TKO.

Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva

Round 1: As expected, they came out swinging with Liddell looking like he was about to put away Silva at one point. With a minute left in the round, they traded blows. I’d score it 10-9 for Liddell.

Round 2: About two minutes into the round Liddell slipped but quickly got back up. The two exchanged blows with Silva and Silve knocked him down again, with Liddell getting back up quickly again. Chuck opened up Silva again and they continued to trade blows. With about 30 seconds left Liddell hit Silva with some hard shots and opened Silva up. The second half of the round was crazy with how they were trading blows. I’d go 10-9 for Silva but it’s a tough one to call.

Round 3: Liddell took Silva down early but Silva quickly got up. Liddell badly hurt Silva with a barrage of punches in the middle of the third round and Silva looked like he was about to get knocked out. With 15 seconds left, Liddell took Silva down and won the round handily.

Winner: Chuck Liddell via decision. Amazing fight, Chuck Liddell is back!

Matt Hughes vs. Georges St. Pierre

Round 1: They mostly stayed on the ground with St. Pierre dominating. I score round 1 10-9 for St. Pierre.

Round 2: St. Pierre took Hughes down and dominated the round. At the end of the round St. Pierre hit an arm bar and Hughes submitted.

Winner: Georges St. Pierre via submission. St. Pierre simply dominated Matt Hughes.