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Couture Determined To Fight Fedor, And Blaze A Trail

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In an e-mail to The LA Times last week, Couture said: “I don’t intend to breach my contract but I do intend to see the Fedor fight happen. I think there are a lot of things [UFC] has done well to bring MMA to the point it is at. But there are a lot of things it can do better. I find myself in the unique position to not only make the Fedor fight happen and control my own destiny, but to potentially help the other fighters in our sport receive better treatment.”

White scoffed about how genuinely Couture cares about other fighters: “This whole [dispute] started because he was [upset] another guy was making more money than him.

“MMA is like a beauty salon, with all these [fighters] sitting around talking about what they’re not getting.”