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GSP Had Car Impounded On Christmas

Below is a rough translation of an article that appeared at

Is there anything more frustrating than being arrested by the police, especially during the holiday season only a few days before the most important fight of your career?

Yet that is exactly what happened to Georges St-Pierre, who left St-Isidore on the day of Christmas to Las Vegas, where he will face Matt Hughes for the third time in his young career.

“I went to my well-slowly, when I saw that police meant to stop me,” said St. Pierre. I pulled over right on the spot, knowing that I had not been speeding or on any compulsory stop. ”

After introductions the police summoned St-Pierre to get out of his car and call a taxi. This car here was going to the pound.

“That’s where I learned that my car plates were illegal, since I had not renewed,” continued St. Pierre.

There, I came as a red rooster. I was frustrated, not against the police, but against myself. I explained that I had never received any written notice and in addition, I spent my time mostly in the United States than at home. Nothing I can do though, the law is the law and I understand that.”

Just before leaving for Las Vegas, St. Pierre paid the fine for the ticket and the pound where they had parked his car.