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Joe Stevenson Not Thrilled About The Possibility Of Mayweather Jumping To MMA

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the preeminent boxer of his generation. He is undefeated and holds decisive victories over a handful of elite boxers, including recent wins over Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton.

Mayweather has long mused over making the possible jump to mixed martial arts; and those talks have turned a bit more serious as of late as Mark Cuban and Mayweather have both confirmed that they have held a preliminary discussion to explore the possibility of Mayweather fighting for HDNet Fights. Though the discussion is still in it’s infancy, many current mma fighters have weighed in with opinions on Mayweather joining the mma fray. Lightweight contender Joe Stevenson being the latest.

He wouldn’t be good for our sport. He represents himself in a different manner and it’s not the way I think is correct for our athletes,” Stevenson told Yahoo!Sports. “You don’t brag about how much money you make. That’s totally disrespectful. I’ve seen him in clubs and I’ve seen the way he treats people and I can tell you, that’s not the kind of a guy we want representing this sport. I don’t think we need that kind of attention. We have a great sport and a lot of people are beginning to realize that, more every day. We don’t have to bring in the best boxers just to get people to pay attention to us, because they’re realizing what a great sport we have already.”

Stevenson also thinks age will be working against Mayweather if he decides to take up MMA.

“It’s moronic for him to think he can cross over and do this at 31,” Stevenson said. “It’s like me saying I could be the best in golf. It looks easy, but I’d sound retarded to say I could go out there after a couple of months and win. The pressure, the coordination, the ability to play the greens, there are so many things involved. Boxing and MMA are different sports. He’s a great boxer. He’s the best. I was rooting for Ricky Hatton and I have to give Floyd credit for doing what he did. But he’d be in an entirely different sport. And yeah, his strikes would be intimidating, but I’d take him down. He’d have to be able to defend a takedown and that sounds a lot easier than it is.”