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Sean Sherk Shoots Back At BJ Penn

Sean Sherk will meet the winner of next months lightweight championship fight between BJ Penn and Joe Stevenson. Sherk recently spoke with Percy Crawford of to discuss his current situation and give his opinions on BJ Penn and the upcoming lightweight title match-up.

Sherk On Fighting BJ Penn:

I’d like to fight BJ, you know? I think that would be a good fight for me. He keeps talkin’ tons of crap, which I think is pretty funny because he’s getting ready to fight Joe Stevenson and he’s spending more time thinking about me than he’s thinking about Joe so obviously I’m in his head already and that’s good. I like that matchup with BJ. There are a lot of things I see in BJ that don’t match-up real well with me. I’d love to fight BJ Penn. He has a big mouth and I’d love to be the guy that shuts him up.

Sherk’s Response To Penn’s Assertion That Sherk Is Guilty Of Steroid Use:

Oh, nice! My response is I”ve done everything I could do to prove my innocence, including a polygraph examination. I’d like to strap him up to a polygraph and find out when was the last time he smoked reefer. The guy is a pothead and he wants to talk about natural title belts and that’s not true. He’s got secrets and he’s not fighting for a natural title belt so he should say what he wants to say, but I hooked myself up to a polygraph and I’d like to see him do the same.

Sherk on BJ Penn Vs. Joe Stevenson:

I give Joe a good chance man. I think Joe has a great shot at winning that fight. BJ’s got no gas tank; everybody knows that. BJ Penn is tired after about 6 or 7 minutes; he’s completely gassed out. The longer the fight goes, the better Joe will do. I hope Joe wins that fight man. Joe deserves this title shot a lot more than BJ does. Joe has won four in a row. He’s been on a hell of a winning streak and BJ has lost two of his last three in the UFC. I think Joe deserves this shot more than BJ does and I hope Joe wins this fight. If Joe doesn’t win this fight, then I get to fight BJ and get that belt back from him.

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