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Sean Sherk: "I still feel like I am the champion."

Ben Ziedler of recently sat down with Sean Sherk to get the controversial former lightweight champion’s thoughts on a number of topics. Below are some of the highlights from their conversation:

Sherk On Fighting The Winner Of Penn-Stevenson:

To be honest with you, I still feel like I am the champion and that this fight is for the interim title. To be the champion, you have to beat him and no one beat me yet. I still feel like the champion because no one beat me. I match up real well with either, I’m a confident fighter — I can beat anyone, and I don’t fear anyone. I like my match up with either of them. On a personal level, I’d rather fight BJ. We don’t like each other much and he’s been disrespecting me a lot, saying things about me. I don’t have any respect for someone who does that so I’d like to go in there and beat up on him. He’s been talking garbage and talking about his title fight, saying that it is for the natural title. He’s having a good time with this whole thing. Whatever man, I have lots of stuff to say about him too. Let’s see if he wins, first. I actually think Joe has a good chance to beat him. The guy has won, like what, four in a row? BJs only got one win in a row. Joe is more deserving of the title shot than BJ is.

Sherk On His “Lay And Pray” Fighting Technique:

My style of fighting is mine. I’m not going to change it for anyone. You know? It is what it is. I guess, if you don’t like the way I fight, then go get a beer when I’m fighting.

Sherk On Dana White/Randy Couture Situation:

I haven’t had any bad experiences with Dana. I don’t know what is going on with Dana and Randy. I guess Randy has issues with the organization. He had his reason so it is what it is. He’s 44 years old too and if he wants to fight Fedor, let him.

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