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Exclusive Frank Edgar Interview Part II – Talks about GSP, And His Future

Frank Edgar is one of the most exciting up and coming lightweight fighters in all of mixed martial arts. Edgar burst onto the MMA scene seemingly out of nowhere and quickly racked up notable wins over rising lightweight star Tyson Griffin and widely respected veteran Spencer Fisher. Undefeated at 8-0, the former collegiate division I freestyle all-American wrester has solidified his place as a contender in the lightweight division.

Edgar recently took time off from training to sit down with Jason Perkins of to discuss a variety of topics. In part II of our conversation with Frank Edgar, he discusses Georges St. Pierre, his strengths and weaknesses as a fighter and his future in the sport. Have you spoken with UFC President Dana White regarding your future in the UFC?

Frank Edgar: No, to tell you the truth I haven’t. I’m just playing it by ear. They give me an opponent, I train for him and I fight, you know. That’s kind of how I like it. I don’t like to get too caught up in the future; you just want to take ‘em one fight at a time. You don’t want to get to ahead of yourself. Do you feel that your ready to take another step up in competition?

Frank Edgar: Oh, Absolutely. I’m ready for anybody at this point. I just want to keep getting better and to show that I’m getting better I guess I gotta fight better guys so I’m willing to fight whoever the UFC wants me to fight. If you had your choice who would you like to face next?

Frank Edgar: I get that question a lot and really I don’t care. Whoever they match me up with. I mean eventually I’m just gonna be saying I want the title so whatever leads me to the title in the future that’s the fight I want. Let’s switch gears a bit. You said your a big mma fan. Who are your favorite fighters to watch?

Frank Edgar: It’s tough because I am a fight fan, you watch one guy for a little bit and you’re like ‘man that dudes nasty’. For me it varies a lot. I like what a lot of different guys bring to the table, you know, I like St. Pierre because he’s so well rounded, and of course Randy Couture. The guy’s just a class act. He’s like watching your Dad beat somebody up. He’s amazing. If you could, what attributes would you take from those two guys to add to your game?

Frank Edgar: As far as St. Pierre it’s his stand up; but more so his transition from his stand up to the ground because he’s got great takedowns. You know, you see him take down Matt Hughes and Koscheck and they’re high level wrestlers, and the way he transitions from his stand up to his take downs is something that I’d like to add to my game. GSP’s wrestling is surprisingly good as he showed against Josh Koscheck. How do you think he’d do in pure wrestling matches?

Frank Edgar: I’d think he’d be good at it. To me it seems like if he puts his mind to something he gets it done. I know right now he works out with the Canadian Olympic team and supposedly he’s in there taking those guys down so I’m sure if he stuck to wrestling he’d end up as one of the better guys.

MMAFightline: Your obviously a very talented wrestler yourself Frank. What do you view as the strengths and weaknesses of your game.

Frank Edgar: Wrestling’s obviously my strength. Believe it or not my striking is pretty good. In the Bocek fight (UFC 73), which they didn’t air, I pretty much stood up with him the whole time and I got the best of him. I feel my hands have come a long way, I just gotta get more comfortable you know. It’s kinda hard to just turn off your instincts, which is obviously my takedowns. So, I think in the 155lbs. division, I’m not gonna be able to take everyone down so I’m pretty sure I’ll get to show my hands. What’s one thing about your game that you’d like to improve?

Frank Edgar: We’ll it’s probably two things you know, like I said I’m getting more comfortable with my striking, but I’d like to make it more of a natural thing, and also submissions from my back. I’m not usually there a lot because of my wrestling but I’m sure I’m gonna end up there sometime sooner or later and I’d like to be able to submit people off my back. I don’t think I’ve seen you on your back yet in a fight. Have you been on your back?

Frank Edgar: Well, Tyson kind of took me down, but I never ended up in my guard I just tried to get right back up. So, I haven’t been on my back yet in a fight. That is extremely impressive Frank. Eight professional fights and you haven’t been on your back?

Frank Edgar: Not yet. Hopefully I can keep it that way.

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