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Gary Shaw With More On Tito vs. Kimbo

EliteXC President Gary Shaw recently called out Tito Ortiz to face Kimbo Slice. Shaw said that he wants to make the fight because of degrading comments Ortiz has made about Kimbo in the press.

Any time someone talks either on TV or to a reporter and either demeans a fighter or says “let’s bring it on,” I’m willing to do the fight, said Shaw to Sam Caplin. “And Kimbo Slice would get into the cage with Tito Ortiz any day.”

“I think Kimbo Slice would probably knock him out. I think Tito would try to submit him, try to bring him down. I believe he’d get knocked out; he’s got a suspect chin. But I’m confident with Bas behind Kimbo that he’s fine on the ground.”

Cox also addressed rumors of a proposed four-man heavyweight tournament featuring Kimbo, Bob Sapp, Tank Abbott, and Butterbean. The report emanated originally from The Wrestling Observer and

“I like the rumor,” said Cox who denied it’s validity. “I’ll start thinking about it. It’s just a rumor. It’s nothing that we’ve discussed in the office or anywhere else.”