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Yushin Okami Wants Rematch With Anderson Silva

Middleweight star Yushin Okami defeated Anderson Silva by disqualification due to an illegal kick, sounds like he would like the opportunity to fight Anderson again and win more convincingly.

“I admit that I haven’t had the most exciting fights during my time in the UFC,” Okami told “From this point forward, I want to try making them more exciting, but not at the expense of winning. To do that, I’ve stepped up my training in standup in particular, learning how to push forward and effect more damage…. [UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson] Silva and I have unfinished business. I want that rematch because it feels like our first fight didn’t end definitively. I want to finish him, once and for all….. I’d like to knock him out, certainly, but I also really want to submit him. I want to take him down and force him to submit. I want to make him tap out.”