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Sean Sherk Talks About The Fallout Surrounding CSAC Suspention

Sean Sherk recently spoke to about the fallout surrounding CSAC’s ruling in his steroid suspension case. Here’s some of the highlights:

Sherk On What He’s Been Up To:

I stay real busy doing stuff. I have a lot of appearances and seminars so I’ve been traveling a lot. Keeping a real positive mindset has been my big thing. I’ve got to keep a real positive mind. I hope this thing turns over in my favor.

Sherk’s Reaction To Comments Made By Hermes Franca and Kenny Florian Regarding His Reduced Suspention:

I couldn’t care less what Kenny Florian or Hermes Franca say. They probably don’t like me because I beat the shit out of them and I’d beat the crap out of them again. They’ve got resentments against me. They can say what they want to say. I know I didn’t do it and I’m willing to defend myself.

Sherk On The Support He’s Received From The UFC:

I’ve felt some support. (UFC President) Dana [White] has been vocal with everything and he supports me with this. They’ve kept in contact with me. You can always feel like there could be more support from guys but ultimately it’s my deal.

Sherk On Support From The Fans:

No not at all. I’ve had a lot of support from my fans, at least to my face. You get e-mails from time to time from people using fake names. I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten and I don’t take the other stuff personal.

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