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An Update On Ryan Gracie’s Death

It has been confirmed by multiple reports that Ryan Gracie tested positive for marijuana, cocaine, and some kind of anti-anxiety medication.

After Gracie’s arrest, Psychiatrist Sabino Ferreira de Faria was contacted by Gracie’s wife and immediatly went to the jail that was detaining Gracie to attend to him, which he did for the majority of the night. He was informed of Gracie’s passing while he was on his way home.

The doctor stated that he administered the following drugs to Gracie in his cell in order to calm him down:

-Haldol (a powerful antipsychotic),

-Fenergan (which has a side effect of sleepiness)

-Topamax (for Migraines)

-Dienpax (tranquilizer)

-OmniPlex (relaxant).

We’re still awaiting the medical examiner’s report to confirm the official cause of death but the police officer who discovered his death believes Gracie died of an apparent heart attack.

“When I went to his cell, I saw him lying on his mattress,” Bittencourt told the associated press. “He had no pulse and a reddish liquid was coming out of his mouth. It seems to me he died of a heart attack.”