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Vitor Belfor: "The UFC is my house."

Vitor Belfort recently confirmed a meeting with Zuffa to Tagg Radio.

“We had a meeting it was great,” said Belfort. “Actually what I want, everybody has pride and one thing I have is unfinished business with Tito (Ortiz) being the last fight. Since I won the fight, most people feel I won the fight.”

The fight Belfort is referring to ended in a split decision win for Tito Ortiz, but Belfort is confident that things would be different if they fought again.

“Basically what I would like to do is I would like to fight him and I have a challenge for him,” Belfort said. “The challenge would be winner take it all. The UFC’s my house. See, a lot of guys there, they are at my house. The UFC’s my house, they come into my land. Even Tito, he came after, he came to my house. I know the fans want the old Vitor back,” stated Belfort. “I took care of my issues, took care of my problems so now I’m clean and ready to get back into the UFC.”

Belfort also confirmed that he is no longer training at Black House and instead has opted for working with a team of coaches and training partners.

“I want to fight with the best so you have to be around the best,” said Belfort.