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Micheal Bisping Drops To Middleweight

We reported earlier this month that Michael Bisping may be dropping to middleweight (for the full article, click here), putting a Matt Hamill – Michael Bisping rematch in jeapordy. Now UFC has posted the following excerpt confirming Bisping’s move:

Considering the UFC’s middleweight category is ruled by the iron fists ?” not to mention knees ?” of arguably the world’s greatest fighter in Anderson Silva, you wouldn’t think too many mixed martial artists would be queuing up to enter the 185 pound division in 2008.

However, just weeks after the announcement that Dan Henderson will be returning to what many feel is his ideal fighting weight, light heavyweight contender Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping continues the injection of new blood into the middleweight ranks.

The drop down has been a long time coming for the British striker. While other top light heavyweights walk around at over 230 pounds when not in training camp, Bisping, one month and many hearty meals removed from fighting at UFC 78 in New Jersey, weighs only 211 pounds.

“Even though I’ve never fought at middleweight, I’ve gone back and forth with the decision to go down pretty much my whole career,” Bisping said. “Even from my very first pro fight (April 2004), people were telling me that I was a little too small for the light heavies. But I kept winning and, at least before I stepped up to the UFC, I was winning easily so I didn’t really take much notice.”