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Chuck Norris On WCL: "Knockouts not tapouts."

Legendary martial artist and actor Chuck Norris recently started his own brand of mixed martial arts which he calls the World Combat League. It differs from most current mixed martial arts leagues in that ground fighting is not allowed and much like the IFL, the team concept takes precedence over individual accomplishments.

“It’s been an idea for me for 30 years,” Norris said. “I had to decide between a film career and the league then. After I finished eight years of ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ I started rethinking the league and the team concept.”

He also feels that current mma leagues may have grown stale.

“Watching UFC over the last 20 years, when fighters go to the ground, they have become so proficient in avoiding submissions so it becomes boring,” Norris said.

“‘Knockouts, not tapouts,’ is what we say.”

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