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Dear Abby Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Don Frye

I came across a semi-regular column on the IFL home page today called “Dear Don: Advice From The Predator. It’s kind of a mix between Dear Abby and Rick James.

Here’s a couple of the stellar nuggets of wisdom offered up by good ‘ol Don Frye himself:

“Painkillers are real easy to get addicted to, mostly because you only start taking them because you really need them. Then one day you’re howling at the moon and telling yourself that you’re not the kind of person who does drugs, even if you’re spending most of your day high on pharmaceutical-grade opiates.”

“Here’s the hard truth: life is pain. Most mornings I feel like I got shot out of a cannon. Other mornings it’s really bad. You just have to learn to live with it. Try easing off from Vicodin to Advil. Tequila don’t hurt, either.”

And no Don Frye column would be complete without a little shot at Ken Shamrock:

“I’m not saying that Ken [Shamrock] isn’t a gentleman or a good fighter. I don’t want to send him off into one of his rages, here. But let’s just say that maybe Ken lacks some social skills and leave it at that.”