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Fedor’s NYE Opponent Moonlights As A Rapper

The following is an excerpt from an article posted on The Korea Times, seems they don’t think much of Choi:

Choi turned himself into a national joke last month by releasing a hip-hop album with model and wannabe pop star Kang Su-hui, although LeBanner would surely say he did well for a singer.

Among the biggest fighters in the world at 2.18 meters and 160 kilograms, Choi, a former folk wrestling champion, is good at being tall but not much else, a walking eyesore of an athlete who fights with the skills and grace of a potato.

Choi, whose 12-4 record was padded by matches with scrap-heap fighters and wash-ups, has beaten only one top-echelon opponent in his career, edging current K-1 champ Semmy Schilt in points last year, and that was from a controversial decision.

Considering his limited talent and questionable work ethic, the world’s biggest rapper seems the only title Choi might ever win.

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