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Reported Payout For TUF 6 Live Finale

The following are the official reported pay outs to fighters who participated on the live finale of The Ultimate Fighter 6: “Team Hughes vs. Team Serra” on Spike TV, on December 8th:

-Roger Huerta ($38,000) def. Clay Guida ($11,000)

-Mac Danzig ($16,000) def. Tommy Speer ($8,000)

-Jon Koppenhaver ($16,000) def. Jared Rollins ($8,000)

-George Sotiropoulos ($16,000) def. Billy Miles ($8,000)

-Ben Saunders ($16,000) def. Dan Barrera ($8,000)

-Troy Mandaloniz ($16,000) def. Richie Hightower ($8,000)

-Matt Arroyo ($16,000) def. John Kolosci ($8,000)

-Roman Mitichyan ($16,000) def. Dorian Price ($8,000)

-Jonathan Goulet ($14,000) def. Paul Georgieff ($8,000)

Total fighter pay out: $239,000

Keep in mind that these numbers to not reflect bonuses and other incentives.