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Georges St. Pierre Talks About Hughes, Serra, And The Interim Title

Georges St. Pierre is in the midst of preparing for his highly anticipated rubber match with Matt Hughes. Each fighter holds a victory over the other and this fight holds extra significance being that Dana White has stated that it will be for the Interim UFC Welterweight championship.

MMA Madness recently caught up with the former UFC welterweight champ to discuss his thoughts on the upcoming mega-fight and get his take on a variety of other topics.

The Serra Fight: You know, it was a great learning experience. I didn’t realize it when he hit me and next thing I knew, he was on top of me and it was over. I don’t want to make any excuses. I made many mistakes coming into the fight but the real reason I lost is because Matt fought the better fight.

Why He Decided To Take The Hughes Fight: I feel privileged to have this fight and I wish nobody bad luck, but Serra got hurt and I’m able to step in. I’m already in unbelievable shape and I decided that it would be worth it to step up and take this shot. What I gain is that I can beat Hughes and show I’m the best in the world, and then I’ll get Serra. I was going to fight both of them eventually but now it’s just in a different order. After Hughes, I will get my revenge on Serra. It is the perfect scenario for me.

The Interim Title Tag: That’s awesome. According to me, I am a champion and Hughes is a champion. We just have to know who is the better champion. I’m glad it is five rounds and it is for a title. It is the best scenario for me.

Preparing For Hughes: I’m never off season, really; I’m always in shape. Normally, I train for eight weeks but I was already in great shape so it won’t change anything that I would normally do. I was always in great, great shape.

I’ve been working with [Rashad] Evans to help him get ready for [Michael] Bisping. I’ve been doing work with boxers for their fights and helping wrestlers who are going to the Olympics. We all peak at the same time and it’s great. I decided to jump in and fight like they are.

I think I’ll be a much better fighter than the last time I fought Hughes. With Hughes, he’s going to be a different fighter from last time and so am I. I know his strengths, his weaknesses, and I will come into that fight with something extra. You know how when you play cards, you don’t want to show your hand? I have a very good game plan.

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