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Josh Barnett: Dana White Is Someone Who Is Quick To Forget Or Has ADD

Josh Barnett is considered by many to be among the top heavyweight fighters in the world. The former UFC heavyweight champion recently took some time to talk to about what he’s been up to and give his opinions on a variety of topics.

Barnett On What He’s Been Up To Recently:

I have been training and preparing for the IGF event that I am working on the 20th of December and my grappling match in Pancrase on the 22nd. I have also been working with my new team of fighters that are competing in an event in the Philippines called Ring of Fire that is being produced by Platinum Fighting Productions. It is a five fighter team with four men and one woman on each team. For the 130 lb female weight class I have Ginele Marquez and for my four male weight class divisions I have Koji Oshi, Yuki Kondo, Renato “Babalu” Sobral and Jeff Monson. The two winning teams will go on to compete in the finals next year in China.

I know that I am training my brain. I am keeping very busy with weight training and staying in shape. I am really looking forward to the upcoming Oriental team tournament. Sparring and grappling with the fighters that I have on my team. I also have my two matches coming up so I need to be prepared. Who knows, if I am in Japan I may get asked to fight on a weeks notice on the NYE card.

Barnett On A Possible Fight With Mark Hunt On NYE In Japan:

It is a possibility and it all depends on what they offer. I have already built my name, reputation and drawing ability. I know what I am worth.

Barnett On The Randy Couture And The UFC Heavyweight Division:

I know it is a difficult situation for Randy. It also shows that Dana White is someone who is quick to forget or has ADD or has simply lied. He said nobody could beat Randy and that the UFC was going to get Fedor and all the other top fighters from PRIDE. Then they don’t get Fedor and all the sudden Fedor is nothing according to Dana. I mean come on which is it? Make up your mind… Fedor a top caliber fighter or is he a nobody? If you think he is a nobody then you don’t know the business. Dana looked like an idiot saying those things. Right now the UFC doesn’t have a solid Heavyweight Division. They have had some really key fighters fall out of the picture and if you look at the division right now; who really looks like a strong champion. Mirko “Cro-Cop” Filipovic is having his difficulties and the guy that beat him Cheick Kongo lost to Carmelo Marrero. Where is that guy now? Not to say he is a horrible fighter but he is no world champion. The UFC won’t even let Andrei Arlovski fight because they are mad at him over contract negotiations. Then you have Tim Sylvia who no one wants to see have the belt again and then Brandon Vera who had a chance to move up and fell flat during his chance. The champion Randy is not fighting. So…….

Barnett On Liddell Vs. Silva:

It is what it is………I am sure I will see it eventually. I have been watching fights for 11 years so it is going to take something special to catch my attention.

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