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Paulao Filho: If Silva Exchanges With Liddell, He’ll Go Down.

Paulao Filho (15-0) will defend his WEC middleweight title next week against Chael Sonnen. He recently took time to catch up with to discuss this and a variety of other topics.

Filho On His Next Opponent, Chael Sonnen:

He is a tough guy, with a wrestling background, that takes down nicely. I will try to be carefully to not be taken down, but if it happens I will have some surprises for him. I will not have the same problems I had in my other bout. At this time, I am not taking pills to sleep and I will be strong. Let’s see what happens!

Filho On Moving To Team Link:

I signed with Team Link. They have an awesome structure there. Gabriel Napão, who is an excellent fighter, is there and I will represent them here. I have an interest to move too, but for awhile I will stay here. I was very well received. I made many seminaries and I believe that the sport has a lot to grow there. They have an awesome structure, they have Napão, who with some weight, is stronger and is an amazing fighter. I believe that I will gain [from training there] but they are going to as well, with my mane and my knowledge.

Filho On Thiago Silva:

I don’t have nothing against Thiago Silva, he is excellent and I just have to congratulate him. He just faces tough guys, but I believe that big fighters are simple people; like Fedor, me, Shogun. This behavior of himself, it is not needed, to make faces like he does, but I believe he is going to be more mature. He will learn that champions lose too. I believe that he has all the conditions to be the champion at his weight class. Congratulations for him.

Filho On Anderson Silva Vs. Dan Henderson:

I trust 100% in Anderson. I think that he has to train a lot of clinch because Henderson is a wrestler, but I believe he will not bring problems to Anderson. Anderson is long and at his weight class he is unbeatable.

Filho On His Proposal To Train With Chuck Liddell And His Thoughts On Liddell’s Fight With Wanderlei Silva:

That is true, but I didn’t accepted. I will never train with an American that will fight against a Brazilian. I am not a prostitute. I am Brazilian and I will never give up. I went to America and I saw how athletes are well treated there and here at Brazil is the opposite. But, why am I going to train with a foreigner? I am Brazilian till my death. My advice to Wanderlei, if Wanderlei exchange punches with Liddell he will go down. He needs to fight MMA and not Muay Thai. He has to take Liddell down and punish him. That is the way to win. I will root for him. He is a hard-working guy, and he is Brazilian.

Filho On Fighting For M-1 In The Future:

First of all, I will have to prove that I have what it takes to be a champion. After the end of my contract, I will analyze all the proposals and chose the best one. I would like to go there because I am well adapted there. I am a bjj fighter. That is a style that doesn’t please the Americans because they prefer the stand up game. But I hope in the near future, they will admire it too.