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Antonio Silva Says Fedor Turned Down An Offer To Fight Him

Antonio Silva (9-1) is a rising star in the heavyweight division. He currently fights for EliteXC and recently decided to drop 35 pounds in order to make a permanent move from the super heavyweight division (265 plus) to the heavyweight division which is capped at 265 pounds. Planet Tatami recently caught up with Silva to discuss new potential opponents and his future in the sport:

Silva On A Possible Fight With Kimbo Slice:

He is a street fighter that just started MMA. That means he is still an amateur and I am a professional, because of that I have nothing to gain with this fight, because I want to be with the tops, and fighting Kimbo won’t lead me into my objective. If his past will be negative for him I don’t know, he fights with different rules now so it wont matter much, the American audience loves his style.

Silva On Possibly Facing His Close Friend Minotauro Nogueira:

Minotauro is a huge friend of mine, because when I was in a horrible situation in England, after I fought they didn’t pay me my fight purse because of the managers I had at the time. Because of that, me and my family were in a very bad situation and the person who brought me back to Brazil and gave me full support was Minotauro. I still call him “Godfather” because of that. And I never even think of fighting him.

Silva On Fighting For The UFC Heavyweight Title One Day:

Now it is a great time to rise and dispute the UFC title. And about the lack of talent, I think we have many undiscovered talents here in Brazil. I went through that until I was “found” by Mario Sukata, who gave me my first opportunity to fight in an international event and to get where I am today.

Silva On Rumors That Fedor Emelianenko “Ran” From Him:

No, I think this word does not fit a champion like Fedor, because he has fought the best in the business. But there was an offer after my 2 victories in Japan for us to fight in BodogFight, but he did not accept, and right after they matched him with Lindland.

Silva On What Part Of His Game He Needs To Improve:

This time that I’ve been without fights I have been training a lot my striking. Because if you have good striking you feel much more comfortable in a fight, because if it hits the ground, its good because ground is my bread and butter.