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Matt Serra Won’t Attend TUF 6 Finale

Matt Serra recently had to drop out of UFC 79 due to a debilitating back injury. Serra talks about the injury and more in an interview with MMA Fight Weekly:

Hughes On How The Injury Occurred:

In the evening I was at my school doing jiu-jitsu and wrestling. I train for an hour straight at night. Next thing you know, I was showing a move and something clicked, it felt like I got shocked. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even get up man. I couldn’t get up at all; the guys had to help me up. This stuff happens in this game. I just never had to be the guy to bow out due to injury you know what I mean.

Serra On How The Injury Has Effected Him:

It’s stressful dude. It’s stressful not to be on that card verses Hughes with everything that was leading to this…I don’t know man it’s depressing. I’m trying to stay positive about it. I want to start rehabbing it like asap so…I’ll be alright by spring dude.

Serra On How He Learned About The Hughes vs. GSP Fight And His Thoughts On The Interim Title:

Dana called me and he told me he needed Matt Hughes on the card because he’s a marquee fighter, you know. Then he called me and he let me know that he was gonna do it with GSP. I’m the guy that had to bow out dude, so who am I to complain [about the interim title]. I believe that regardless of what happens, sooner or later, me and Matt Hughes will fight; only because of everything that was hyped up and that’s the fight that everyone will be wanting to see.

Serra On If He’ll Be At The TUF 6 Live Finale:

I’ll tell you, right now, I really want to be but I’m not jumping on a plane for six hours dude, forget that. It’s just a pain in the ass, literally, sitting down you know.