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Aleksander Emelianenko Gets Into A Bar Fight, Detained Briefly By Officials

Aleksander Emelianenko, brother of Fedor Emelianenko, was arrested after a bar fight involving a group of intoxicated men according to The man, considered by many to be among the top 10 heavyweight fighters in the world, was escorted by two women at a bar when a group of heavily intoxicated men began to direct inappropriate comments towards one of Aleksander’s female companions.

Aleksander, according to accounts, then confronted the group of hecklers, who were unaware of Aleksander’s fighting stature, and a melee erupted; the result of which saw the group of cat-callers screaming for help and trying to get away.

Security officials arrived shortly after and ended up mistaking Aleksander for the man at fault. He was handcuffed and detained. After twenty minutes of being in custody he was released however, after giving his account of the situation. Officials realized who he was and that they had made a mistake in apprehending him. They offered to escort him back to his hotel, but Aleksander declined and decided made his own way back.