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The Ultimate Fighter Team Serra vs Team Hughes – Episode Eleven Recap

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CAUTION: SPOILERS INCLUDED – One spot remains in the semifinals of The Ultimate Fighter’s sixth season. Who will make it to the final four, Team Serra’s Ben Saunders or Team Hughes’ Tommy Speer?

As this week’s episode gets underway, members of Team Hughes are worried about whether Speer will even be allowed to fight considering the cuts he suffered in his win over Jon Koppenhaver. Mac Danzig doesn’t believe Speer should risk further injury, while Billy Miles steps up his training in the event that the Minnesotan can’t continue. Eventually though, Speer is cleared by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and his fight with Saunders will go on.

Meanwhile, back at the house, eliminated Team Serra members Koppenhaver, Troy Mandaloniz, and Richie Hightower let off some steam, culminating in a maneuver with Team Hughes’ toilet (which we won’t describe here) entitled an ‘upper decker.’ Needless to say, when Team Hughes returns home, they’re not too pleased about this turn of events, with Danzig getting into it verbally with Hightower and Jared Rollins getting into it physically with Koppenhaver. Luckily, cooler heads soon prevail and all is well in the house.

Both Saunders and Speer make weight for their fight, but that night, Saunders gets sick and is still dealing with nasal congestion on fight day. He is not about to let it affect him though, and as the fight begins, he scores with some solid knees before Speer takes him to the mat. On the mat, Speer is again put in a number of precarious positions, with Saunders almost submitting him twice.

Speer survives the onslaught though, and for the rest of the first round and most of the second, he unleashes his ground and pound attack and earns a spot in the semifinals via a two round unanimous decision.

Next week, the semifinals take place. The matchups: Matt Arroyo
vs Mac Danzig and George Sotiropoulos vs Tommy Speer.