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Quotes From Monday’s UFC Press Conference Annoucing Georges St. Pierre as Matt Serra’s Replacement

The following are quotes from Monday’s UFC press conference:

Dana White: “If this were boxing, the event would’ve been canceled.I have nothing but respect for these two [Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre] for stepping up. Nobody was knocking down our door to fight Hughes on short notice, except for St. Pierre.”

Dana White On Matt Serra: “He’s doing everything he can to get better. The kid just got hurt. If he’s going to be out for a long time, yeah, we’d have to strip him.”

Matt Hughes: “My wife says I was a little bit depressed the day I found out about it. I won’t disagree. I was just really excited to fight Serra … then I really started to think about it, started to pray on what I should do, to fight, not fight, fight Fitch or Diego Sanchez or rematch Georges. I had a big decision, what’s good for me, good for the UFC, and good for the people watching the sport. And St. Pierre was the fit.”

Matt Hughes: “I know Georges likes taking a couple months [before a fight], structuring workouts, and so I’m hoping to catch him a little off-guard. And I’ll be fighting him in Las Vegas, not up in Canada.”

Georges St. Pierre: “I’m on the top of my game right now. I’m in great shape. I had been training with Rashad Evans to get him ready for his fight. The only thing I’ve not been doing is eating as well as I should. People are going to think I’m crazy, but I had a feeling this could happen. I’m the type of guy who trains all the time, no off-season. I knew it would be a possibility for one fighter to get injured, so I wanted to be ready to step in, in case that happened.”

Matt Hughes: “I’m fighting a lot tougher opponent than Serra. Certain things I’ll definitely change, techniques I’m working on. I’m just trying to get in the best shape of my life, and that won’t change. My workouts are a lot better now, much better than they’ve been in the past. Up at Pat’s [Miletich], no one really told me what to do. I did what I wanted. Here, I’ve got some great coaches, and they tell me what to do. I don’t have the option of saying, ‘I don’t feel like doing all that today; I’m just going to run on a treadmill.’ It’s human nature to take the easy way out.”

Matt Hughes: “I would much rather fight Serra, just for the built-up anger I’ve got right now with what he’s said. Now my motivation is, if I can beat St. Pierre, that’s a heck of a milestone.”