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Matt Hughes Comments On His Upcoming Fight With Georges St. Pierre

Matt Hughes has decided to take a fight against Georges St. Pierre at UFC 79 after learning that Matt Serra will be unable to compete due to a back injury.

Hughes took the fight without knowing whether or not it would be for the “interim” title, so it looks as if he would have been willing to risk another loss against St. Pierre with out any guarantee that he’d be given another title shot.

“I’m going to fight Georges St. Pierre on December 29th,” said Hughes via his personal website “I’ve got a couple reasons why I’ve made this decision and I will share those at a later time. I’ve asked for this to be for an interim title and if Matt Serra can’t fight in a year, then this would just be the title fight; but I don’t know if that is going to happen right now. I will keep you all posted.”

Hughes was later informed by the UFC that this fight would indeed be for the “interim” title and that it would be scheduled for five rounds.

Matt Serra is now scheduled to defend his title against the winner sometime next year. Interestingly Serra told the’s Thomas Gerbasi that he will be rooting for his arch enemy, Matt Hughes.

“I can’t believe the position this puts me in,” said Serra. “I’m actually rooting for Matt Hughes so I can beat his ass.”