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Fedor’s Manager Is Confident That Fedor Will Fight Again In Feburary After NYE Event

Vadim Finkelstein, Fedor Emelianenko’s manager and M-1 executive would like to work closely with the old PRIDE staff to produce shows.

“I want to work with the old PRIDE staff in America & Russia. PRIDE’s team is the best quality in the world.”

Finklestein also said via press conference that he would like to hold two to three US shows in 2008 as well as another show in Japan next August.

Finklestein feels fairly certain that Fedor will fight again in February after the upcoming Japanese event on New Year’s Eve.

This would represent a rare, but welcome departure from what has become Emelianenko’s sporadically active fight routine.

Big thanks to Zach Arnold at Fight Opinion for the translation and dissemination.