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Karo Parisian Fought With A Broken Hand, Wants Jon Fitch Next

Karo Parisyan faced a fair amount of criticism over what many deemed a “lackluster” victory over Ryo Chonan last Saturday at UFC 78. Parisyan recently sat down with MMAWeekly to discuss his performance and his future in the sport.

Parisyan On His Fight With Ryo Chonan:

I shut him down pretty good right off the bat, I didn’t let him get his stand-up or his ground game going. Right off the bat, I thought he was very easy to take down, so I kept on initiating the takedowns a lot and tried to basically ground and pound him. I won a three round dominant performance. A decision over a guy that’s fought Carlos Newton, Sakurai, Anderson Silva, our middleweight champion. You have to realize this guy is no chump.

Parisyan On The Critism He’s Faced After His Win Against Ryo Chonan:

People don’t talk about Matt Hughes, the all American boy, laying on top of Chris Lytle, holding him down. But Karo fights a guy that’s beaten our middleweight champion before, and I still got a couple of good throws, landed some elbows, better ground and pound and everyone is like ‘Karo is boring this fight, he should have done more.’ Give me a freaking break. This is not one of my best performances. It is a good victory over a very tough guy.

Parisyan On Fighting Chonan With A Broken Hand And Having A Short Camp:

My right hand is broken. I fought with a broken hand, on top of my wrist, on top of my hand, right above my knuckles, and I fought with that. I [also] had a three week camp for this fight, three weeks of real decent training at Randy Couture’s, Xtreme Couture’s in Vegas. For the (Josh) Burkman fight I had a 6 to 8 week camp, it’s a big difference.

Parisyan On A Possible Match-Up With Jon Fitch:

I’d love to fight Jon Fitch. We’ll see what’s in store for me. Fitch or a title shot or what else is next?