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Report: Fedor To Fight Hong Man Choi in Japan On New Year’s Eve

Fedor Emelianenko has his mind made up. He will be fighting in Japan on New Years Eve vs. Hong Man Choi, an experienced K-1 fighter. This comes courtesy of a report on the Greg Savage radio show.

Fedor recently expressed his strong desire to fight for his Japanese fans, in Japan on New Years eve, in an open letter posted on his personal website. He wanted to thank them for the years of support they’ve shown him during his time spent there fighting for the now defunct PRIDE organization.

M-1 president Monte Cox came out a few days later saying that M-1 tried to work something out to make it happen for Fedor but couldn’t come to an agreement, and that Fedor would not be fighting until February.

Now comes the news that Fedor, who signed a non-exclusive contract with M-1 has decided to fight outside the M-1 organization and will fight in an event organized by Hustle Pro Wrestling, which is run partially by former PRIDE officials.

Fedor has fought sparingly in the past 2 years; facing only 3 opponents during that span. None of which posed much of a serious threat. The man considered by many to be the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world shouldn’t be facing much of a challenge in his next fight either.

Hong Man Choi (7’2″, 352 lbs.) has a pituitary medical condition which causes him to continue to grow through out his life. He also has a benign tumor on his pituitary gland that forced him to be denied clearance to fight by the California State Athletic Commission back in 2006. He was originally slated to be Brock Lesner’s first MMA opponent, which speaks to his MMA abilities. Though he is an accomplished K-1 fighter (12-3), he has only one MMA fight; a victory against 215 pound Bobby Ologun, himself an inexperience fighter with only two fights to his credit.