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UFC 78: Validation Results

Welcome to’s live coverage of UFC 78: Validation. We will have basic coverage of the preliminary fights and detailed round by round coverage of the PPV fights. Make sure to keep refreshing this page to get the
most recent results.

The preliminary fights are up first (not shown on PPV). We will give quick match results for the undercard below:

-Akihiro Gono def. Tamdan McCrory via Submission (armbar) at 3:19 of Round 2.

-Marcus Aurelio def. Luke Caudillo via TKO (strikes) at 4:29 of Round 1.

-Joe Lauzon def. Jason Reinhardt via Submission (rear naked choke) at 1:14 of
Round 1.

-Thiago Alves def. Chris Lytle via TKO (cut stoppage) after 2 Rounds.

Quick match results for the PPV card:

-Frank Edgar def. Spencer Fisher via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26) after 3 Rounds.

-Ed Herman def. Joe Doerksen via KO (left hook) at 0:39 of Round 3.

Karo Parisyan def. Ryo Chonan via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

-Thiago Silva def. Houston Alexander via TKO (strikes) at 3:25 of Round 1.

-Rashad Evans def. Michael Bisping via Split Decision (29-28 Evans, 29-28 Bisping, 29-28 Evans) after 3 Rounds.

PPV Round-By-Round Coverage:

Fight #1: Spencer Fisher vs. Frank Edgar

Round 1: Small feeling out period, Edgar shoots and gets into Fishers guard. Doesn’t land much and Fisher gets up briefly before being shot on again by Edgar and taken down. Edgar is back in Fishers guard. Fisher is defending well but Edgar gets a few nice shots in. Edgar isn’t landing anything big but he’s dominating position and staying active. They go back to the feet and Edgar land a nice knee. Fisher goes for a head kick and falls, Edgar jumps on him and gets back into Fishers guard. He postures up and lands some nice shots then goes into half guard and lands some nice elbows. I give that round to Edgar 10-9. Fisher didn’t do much.

Round 2: Fisher comes out fast and goes for a knee but gets taken down again. Edgar gets side control and goes for a choke. But Fisher gets free, now the fighters are back on their feet. They briefly exchange before Edgar gets another takedown. They go back to the guard. Edgar passes to side control briefly and postures up to land a couple shots. Now Edgar goes back to half guard and lands some nice shots to Fishers head. He opens up a nice cut over Fishers left eye. Edgar is dominating position and landing potshots. Fisher can’t appear to do much. Edgar takes Spencers back and has a hook in. Spencer avoids the mount and pull guard. Edgar wins that round as well, I had it 10-9.

Round 3: Fisher tries a spinning kick coming out and Edgar catches it and puts him down. The two go right back to where they were before Edgar takes Fishers back and has both hooks in. He’s going for a rear naked choke. Spencer gets out. Great Defense by Fisher. The two go back to the feet. Edgar takes him down right away. And gets back in Fishers guard. He gets Spencer up against the fence and lands some nice shots. The two go back on the feet and get into the clench. Now they stand briefly before going back to the clench. Edgar gets another takedown and Spencer pulls full guard. Fisher’s staying busy but not landing many big shots. Now Edgar gets Fishers back. They scramble and Fisher pulls full guard again. Edgar dominated that round as well, I had it 10-9 for Edgar; 30-27 for Edgar for the fight. It goes to decision and Edgar takes it unanimously.

Frankie Edgar def. Spencer Fisher via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26) after 3 Rounds.

Fight #2: Joe Doerksen vs. Ed Herman

Round 1: Doerkson lands some clean shots and goes for a takedown. Herman stuffs and the two go to the clinch. Herman gets the takedown on a trip and Doerkson pulls guard. Herman passes to half guard. Now the two go back to their feet and clench against the cage. The break and Herman lands some great elbows and a big knee. Doerkson goes for the takedown but Herman defends and takes him down against the cage. Doerkson is cut pretty good above his eye. Herman is landing some good shots from Doerkson’s guard. They scramble and Herman gets a full mount on Doerkson. Doerkson does a good job getting back to guard but Herman landed some more nice shot. Herman gets in some nice elbows from Doerkson guard and Doerkson’s left eye doesn’t look great. Big elbows from Herman as the round ends. I gave that one to Herman 10-9. Matt Serra is shown during the break and gets a huge ovation.

Round 2: Herman comes out swinging but doesn’t land much. Doerkson lands a left hook, and Herman takes him down into side control. Herman continues to work the elbows and punches. Not much action and the referee stands them up. The two trade but both look a little tired. Doerkson gets a takedown and gets Herman’s back. He has both hooks in. Herman is defending, now Herman takes Doerkson’s back. Doerkson transitions to a leg lock. Great ground work by both guys. Herman escapes and tee’s off on Doerkson from his back. Doerkson is turtled and taking some big shots. Now Doerkson pulls guard. He looks very tired. Herman continues to work. Doerkson gets a triangle and it is tight. Herman is saved by the bell. No way Herman gets out if the round hadn’t ended. Wow! That was tough to score. Herman won the round but he would have lost in my opinion had the round not ended. I score that one for Doerkson 10-9.

Round 3: The two trade briefly. Herman lands a huge left hook and drops Doerkson. This fight is over. Good stoppage.

Ed Herman def. Joe Doerksen via KO (punch) at 0:39 of Round 3.

Fight #3: Karo Parisyan vs. Ryo Chonan

Round 1: Chonan goes for a leg kick and Parisyan catches it and takes Chonan down with a punch. Parisyan is now in Chonan’s guard landing some nice shots from the top. Chonan is defending well and the fight is stood up. The two exchange some nice shots Chonan lands a kick. The two go to the clench and Parisyan slams Chonan. Big takedown. Parisyan is landing nice elbows from Chonan’s guard. He has him up against the fence. Chonan gets up and the two go back to striking. Parisyan grabs Chonan’s leg kick and takes him down again. Parisyan is in Chonan’s guard. Chonan gets up and they go to the clench against the fence. I score that one 10-9 for Parisyan.

Round 2: They go to the clench. Chonan lands a nice shot and they go back to center ring. Parisyan goes in to get Chonan back into the clench. Now Chonan lands a huge right hand and catches Parisyan with a kick. Parisyan goes in to clench, lands a nice elbow. The two stand briefly before Parisyan takes Chonan down again by catching his leg kick. Another takedown for Parisyan. Chonan grabs a leg and the two go to the feet. Now the clench against the cage and Parisyan gets a trip. He’s in Chonan’s half guard. Lands some nice elbows. Parisyan is dominating position. I give that round to Parisyan 10-9 as well.

Round 3: The two go into the clench. Chonan has Parisyan against the fence. Not much action, and the referee steps in to break them. They go back to the clinch. Parisyan gets the takedown again and lands some nice elbows from half guard. Parisyan has full guard. Chonan rolls and Parisyan pulls guard. Big scramble and the two go back to their feet. Not a whole lot of action as both pot shot from center cage. Both men look very tired. Now Parisyan lands a nice elbow. There is a smattering of boo’s from the crowd. I give that round to Parisyan as well 10-9.

Karo Parisyan def. Ryo Chonan via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

Fight #4: Houston Alexander vs. Thiago Silva – In Progress…

Round 1: The two men go straight to the clench. And are broken by the referee. Alexander lands a nice shot. Silva lands a leg kick and they go back to the clench. Alexander takes Silva down, now Silva reverses and is in full mount on top of Alexander. Alexander is defending well, but is taking some punishment from elbows. Now Silva tee’s of on Alexander and gets ko’d the referee comes in to stop the fight.

Thiago Silva def. Houston Alexander via TKO (strikes) at 3:25 of Round 1.

Fight #5 Main Event: Rashad Evans vs. Michael Bisping – In Progress

Round 1: The two come out and exchange punches. Evans lands a good clean right and the two clench. Evans gets the takedown, but Bisping gets to his feet eating a couple of nice shots in the process. The two go back to the clench and are broken up. Now Rashad rushes and lands some nice blows before shooting on Evans. Evans stuffs nicely and lands a knee. The two clench at center ring. Evans lands some more nice shots and takes Bisping down. Rashad gets side control and lands another big right in the process. Bisping escapes and the two are back in the clench. Bisping lands a nice uppercut. No Evans answers with an elbow and gets another big takedown. Evans gets into half guard and is dominating position. Bisping is defending well though and gets to full guard. Good round. I give that round to Rashad Evans 10-9.

Round 2: Bisping comes running out and goes for a knee. Evans picks Bisping up and gets a big slam. Now Bisping pulls full guard and is defending well. Evans doesn’t seem able to capitalize on his top position. Good job of defending by Bisping and the two are stood up by the referee. Bisping lands some nice blows on the feet. Evans looks a little tired, but comes back with a right hand. The two exchange with both landing some decent shots, now Evans goes for another takedown but is stuffed. The two clench against the cage and Bisping separates for a nice uppercut. Bisping gets a big takedown at the buzzer. Good round for Bisping. I gave him the round 10-9.

Round 3:Evans looks very tired coming out for round 3. Lands a nice left hook coming out though. The two look to stand and trade. Bisping lands some nice punches and Evans shoots and takes him down. Evans lands some glancing hammer fists and Bisping reverses. He gets Evans’ back. Evans gets out though and the two go back into the clench. Bisping gets a nice hook in. Evans answers with a nice combination jab-hook. Evans shoots and gets a takedown against the cage. Bisping escapes again and the two go back to the feet. Evans lands another nice combo. Evans shoots, and Bisping sprawls and stuffs. Bisping lands a nice knee. Rashad gets Evans back. Very close round. Could go either way. I’d give the last round to Evans 10-9, but it could just as easily gone to Bisping. Close fight.

Rashad Evans def. Michael Bisping via Split Decision (29-28 Evans, 29-28 Bisping, 29-28 Evans) after 3 Rounds.