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New Bas Rutten Interview – Talks About Kimbo

Bas Rutten is an mma legend, trainer and current IFL announcer. Bas recently sat down with HAC news to discuss his newest protégé, Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson.

Bas On His Decision To Train Kimbo:

Determination. I already had respect for him. He had already made the step and like I said before I admire that and he put it all on the line. If he had come in and lost that first fight then he would have lost it all.

Bas On Kimbo’s Next Opponent:

I want him to fight Tank because I heard in my interview yesterday that Tank made a video or something and he’s mocking Kimbo in the video. We didn’t see the video but we heard about it. They asked me about it and I had no comment because I have not seen it. If he makes those comments though then maybe he should take the fight.

Bas On Kimbo’s Potential As A Fighter:

He has a lot of potential. The enigma, the magnetic attraction he has with the people. He’s a great guy. He’s got a special aura. He’s got that killer instinct. His stand-up is better, his striking is coming together. His ground is coming together. I have some fighters who didn’t respect him. But I told them that he trains as hard if not harder than you. For him to move away from his family for several weeks, eight weeks, that says a lot about his motivation. He deserves everything that he’s got right now.

Bas On Bo Cantrell’s performance against Kimbo:

I do not think he was there to fight. He got scared. He said it himself. You could tell. He said he had food poisoning, then two doctors checked him out and said he did not have it. It’s a shame he should have not took the fight after the other fight and came in a little better. If you fight a guy as intimidating as Kimbo, he’s intimidating, I would have had butterflies in my stomach if I had to fight that guy. Kimbo really likes to fight and hit people, it is not an act. He really does not care once he is in there. He enjoys it. He does not care if he gets hit. He just wants the payback.

Bas On What Kimbo Has Improved On The Most Since Training With Him:

His punches. Obviously he has natural power but we worked on his footwork. He’s got a boxing coach at my gym and he works with him too. I wanted to get his footwork better, I’m all about footwork. He’s got his foot planted at the right time like when Bo came forward he backed up and his footwork was good. His punching power is really great. He came up with the body shot of course. On top of that are submissions. He had none at all. He’s escaping submissions like in the mercer fight. When he put a guillotine on him he switched positions. Everything we’re teaching him he’s trying in practice.

Bas On Whether Or Not Kimbo’s Beard Gives Him An Unfair Cushion:

You know what, with those four ounce gloves I don’t think there’s a lot of cushion there.

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