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K.J. Noons On Nick Diaz: "He looked like hamburger meat."

KJ Noons recently sat down with John “JR” Houck of HAC News to discuss his big upset victory of Nick Diaz this past Saturday. Here are some highlights from that conversation:

Noons On If He Considered The Win Tainted:

A tainted win? I wouldn’t call it that at all, he looked like hamburger meat. It was stopped at the right time. Nick is a great warrior and a fighter. But you see the thing is, I was not going to stop, I was ready to go four more rounds so he was going to get the same KJ he got in the first round in the next four rounds. Can you imagine what he would have looked like, I mean cuts only get worse right? I believe it was stopped at the right time. The only reason I did not put the pressure on him because I knew he had wind left in him. I was saving the tank to go all five rounds.

Noons On Calling Out Oscar De La Hoya And Floyd Mayweather After His Win:

I’m out of my mind for calling these guys out. I don’t want to fight them now, my record is still green. If I have to get a smaller belt to show my legitimacy in the top ten one day then I will. I would love to get one of those vacant belts in the 154lbs division. After that I will achieve my goal and then build upon it and maybe one of those top guys will come to me.

Noons On Giving Diaz A Rematch:

KJ: I wouldn’t even hesitate, round two. Whatever the fans want to see I’m down for it. I’m a fan’s fighter. If they doubt it, bring him on.

Noons On a Rematch With Crazy Horse:

KJ: Hell yeah I would love to fight him, let him earn his shot and let’s get it on.

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