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HDNet To Produce 24 Live Shows Per Year

Guy Metzger recently sat down with Percy Crawford of to discuss a variety of topics. Here are some of the highlights from the second part of their conversation:

Metzger On HDNet Fights Goals For 2008 And Beyond:

Our goal is to produce 24 live shows a year. That’s with us and HDNet Fights partners. We plan on having fresh TV because we’re going to show part of the shows live and part of them taped. We will have fresh TV; around 4 of them a month. HDNet Fights and HDNet Fights Presents should have the highest employees of mixed martial arts athletes in the United States; which again is helping out the fighters.

Metzger On His Favorite Fighters To Watch:

It’s so many of them. The list goes on. I always love watching Randy Couture because it just makes us old guys feel good. Always makes you think you could kick some ass again. I think I could get out of retirement and then I look at my wife and I think I would have to fight a 2 fight deal and one would be with her. I love Randy, and to be honest, I like Roger Huerta. I love watching him fight. I think he is so exciting and he loves what he’s doing. I love Mayhem. I’m starting to get into some of these Korean fighters. I’m starting to get film on these guys from K-1 and hell, I can’t even pronounce their freaking names, but some of these guys are coming out looking real tough. It’s really turning this into an international sport. It was just Americans and Brazilians and every now and then a Japanese guy would come and get crushed, but now with the European’s coming in and winning, Mexican fighters coming in and winning and Russians, it’s really turning into an international sport.