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Other Highlights From Today’s UFC Teleconference

Other news and notes from today’s UFC teleconference:

-Dana White remains unsure about who to put into the cage next against Anderson Silva. He said he continues to talk to Dan Henderson about moving down in weight to face the middleweight juggernaut, but Henderson remains resistant to the move.

-White also said that the UFC has yet to decide on the distribution method for UFC 80 which will take place in England. There are talks about a live PPV which would have to air at an odd time for a PPV, or a tape delay on Spike TV.

-White was also asked about the debut of famed street fighter Kimbo Slice and had this to say:

“The guy is a tough street fighter,” White said. “I don’t know much about him. He’s a street fighter, and he’s making the switch to MMA. Who knows what could happen to a guy like that.”

-Dana was also asked about a potential deal with CBS, which is rumoured to be in the works. White responded didn’t give away much but stated that big things are in the works for 2008.

-Michael Bisping stated that he feels far less pressure fighting away from home. “The pressure [from fighting in England] was incredible,” he said.

-Bisping also addressed the possibility of moving down in weight to 185.“I can make 185,” he said, though he stated that he plans on staying at 205 for a while.

-The UFC also announced plans for a UFC Fight Night Jan. 23, and may go to Florida in 2008 for a PPV.