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UFC To Replace Gear Stolen From Evan Tanners Vehicle

The following is a blog entry made by Evan Tanner:

I’m only human. I was really pissed off when I found my things had been stolen. My initial thought was to write something brutal, MFing, and cussing those who did it. I would have just been putting negative energy out there though, and negativity breeds negativity. Giving into that anger, putting those words down, would do nothing but bring bad things back to me, and it would set the tone for how I handled the rest of my day. It could possibly affect anyone who read those words the same way. A wave of negative energy starting with me and echoing out to everyone around me, and to everyone around them. Each of us has a great power, far greater than most of us realize. It is the power to shape the world around us, and with that power comes a great resposibility. One person’s thoughts and actions can set off a chain reaction.

I didn’t get anything back. I didn’t expect to, but I wanted to put the message out there just in case. I’m always hopeful for the best in men. I’m glad I was able to keep things positive because later that day I was contacted by Josh and Michelle at the UFC. They are going to replace the bag and gear. They are also going to print up some trading cards for me. Very cool. Cards for the kids again. lol It all reinforces a lesson learned long ago, we get back what we put out.

I was angry that my things were stolen, but from the experience, I’ve gained much more than I lost.

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