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Micheal Bisping: "Give me one more chance."

Micheal Bisping recently sat down with Kevin Iole to look back on his behavior after winning one of the most controversial decisions in UFC history. He also sheds new insight into why he acted the way he did during the news conference. Here are some of the highlights of that conversation.

Bisping On Whether He Won The Fight Or Not:

“Even a very good friend of mine, that night, he came up to me and said, ‘You know mate, to be honest, I think you lost that fight,’ ” Bisping said. “Of course I care what people think, especially because I’m not that kind of a guy,” Bisping said. “If you read the Internet message boards after that fight, I think I was more hated than Saddam Hussein. “If I had a time machine, I’d go back in time and handle myself a lot differently than I did. Of course I felt I won the fight, but I had no business reacting to the journalists the way I did.”

Bisping’s Dire Situation Right Before The News Conference:

What many did not know however, was that Bisping was dealing with a dire situation minutes before his furious, emotion-laced reaction to journalists inquiring about the judges decision.

Jan Bisping, Micheal’s father, placed a desperate call to Micheal for help. It seems Jan was being harassed by angry fans outside the London’s O2 Arena. Micheal was quickly whisked away with security on the back of a moped in search of his father. Unfortunately Micheal had no luck finding him before having to head back reluctantly to the UFC’s mandatory news conference. Friends assured him that they’d find his father.

“No excuses,” Bisping said, “but look at what happened before I walked into that room from my perspective. My adrenaline was still moving fairly well from the fight. I’m hot and sweaty and concerned about my father. And all of a sudden I’m getting negative comments. “I handled myself badly – I’m the first to admit that – but everything combined at that point and I just kind of had an eruption.”

Bisping On His Fight With Rashad Evans:

“I’ve got a lot of incentive in this fight. I want to change people’s minds, not only about how I acted, but about how I fought. If people didn’t like what they saw the last time, I ask them to give me one more chance. I promise they’re going to get what they want to see.”

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