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Josh Barnett On The UFC: "I remember having issue with the way they handled me."

Josh Barnett is one of the top heavyweight fighters in the world and happens to be a free agent. He is currently fielding offers from most of the major mma organizations but has yet to sign. Luis Cruz of Hac News recently sat down with Barnett to get his take on a variety of topics.

Barnett On His Next Fight:

My next fights are in Japan, pro wrestling December 20th for the IGF and a catch wrestling match December 22nd for Pancrase.

Barnett On He Or Couture Fighting Fedor:

JB- I don’t think Randy will be fighting Fedor anytime soon unless it happens in the UFC and they iron out their differences, but for me fighting Fedor right now is not as important as finding a good home.

Barnett On His Thoughts Regarding Randy Couture And The UFC:

From my experience in dealing with the UFC in the past I would be likely to believe Randy. I remember having issue with the way they handled me and my people when I fought for them. With Randy they actually have a long history of difficulties so this must be major for Randy to call it quits.

Barnett On Fighting Couture Again:

I think it puts asses in the seats and eyes glued to the tube. The place goes silent when I german suplex him through a table though. I’d seriously like to see how that goes. He says he is the best he’s ever been and he is calling Fedor to fight, but you may notice he isn’t rushing to get a fight with me to avenge his loss.

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