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Andrei Arlovski Wants To Finish Out His Contract, Zuffa Wants Him To Sign A New One First

The following is from the Chicago Sun-Times:

Arlovski has one fight left on his UFC contract. White wants to sign him to an extension before scheduling Arlovski’s next fight. Arlovski wants to fight first and then negotiate a new contract. If he doesn’t sign an extension or fight again, Arlovski’s contract expires April 15.

At the very least, White will want Arlovski to sell pay-per-view units before the contract expires. But in the meantime, Arlovski doesn’t have an income. He still trains at JABB gym, and trainers aren’t free. He’s also losing sponsorship opportunities.

“He’s losing a tremendous amount of money,” Arlovski adviser Leo Khorolinsky said. “He relies on fighting to maintain a living.

“We’re ready to fight whenever they ask. We believe we have a very good relationship with the UFC and Dana.”

But the sides haven’t talked in three weeks.

I asked White about it recently, and he said Arlovski is “sitting on the bench”.

“He hasn’t been forgotten,” White said. “I don’t know what he’s doing. I want to get him back in the mix. I’m in the contract business. Every day I re-sign a new guy and this guy or that guy is upset about it. I have 250 guys under contract.”

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