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Spencer Fisher Interview – Discusses Frank Edgar And Training For His Upcoming Fight At UFC 78

On November 17 at UFC 78, Spencer Fisher will take on exciting up-and-comer Frank Edgar in a highly anticipated light weight battle. Fisher recently took some time out of training to talk with Jatinder Dhoot of

Spencer Fisher On Training For Frank Edgar:

Well for this fight in particular I’ve been doing more wrestling with Eric Jurgens, who was a two-time national champion wrestler. So he and everyone else tells me that as long as I don’t try and hurry and try to finish a fight and take my time, I’m hard to take down. But I just fight with so much emotion that I go forward the whole time and that leaves me open for takedowns. And I’m usually in better shape than the person I fight so I can afford to be taken down and be stood back up and then knock him out. That’s how it usually goes, but we’ll see. If I can pace myself this time, we’ll see what happens.

Spencer Fisher On Edgar’s Training Habits:

I heard that he’s camp-jumping a lot, going from camp to camp, which can’t help you that much. You need to be kind of grounded to one place because jumping around takes up time for training and different people will tell you different things about what to do and what not to do. So I think a lot of things will come into play and only time will tell if it’s good or bad for him to do the things he’s done.

Spencer Fisher On Frank Edgar’s Abilities:

Frank’s a tough guy, he’s very tough and he’s in great shape. I think he likes to get after it as well, I just hope he comes with that mentality into this fight. It doesn’t necessarily have to be standing to be exciting. But for somebody to take someone down and lay on them, no one wants to see that s***. So if it goes to the ground you can bet I’ll be going after submission after submission or escapes. I’m going to be doing something. I’m not just going to lay there. I’m going to go for it. I think the obvious [advantage for him] is his wrestling over my wrestling, but I think everything else is in my favor. I think it’s my ring generalship that takes this fight.

Spencer Fisher On A Typical Training Day:

Well it’s funny because as soon as I get up at about 4:30, I go deer hunting and then I come back and I go to the gym and then I take a nap, and then out to train again, then out to deer hunting and then out to training again at night. Pretty busy. And then family life of course.

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