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Nate Marquart Plays The Waiting Game, Shades Of Arlovski

Nate Marquart’s trainer Greg Jackson takes full responsibility for the loss his fighter suffered at the hands of Anderson Silva during UFC 73 this past July according to Steve Sievert of Brawl Sports.

“This loss was my fault. I based too much on the Lutter fight in trying to get the fight to the ground. We were in too much of a rush, and Nate got caught. But we can work on those things, and we’ll be better next time. Nate’s had a lot of ups and downs in his career, and he’s lost before and come back. It’s not like he hid in his room for days (after the loss) and didn’t come out. We’ve been training and are ready to go for the next fight.”

The problem is that Marquardt, like Andrei Arlovski, is in the final fight of his contract and the UFC is appearently in no hurry to grant Marquardt another fight at this time.

According to Marquardt’s agent, his fighter has yet to be contacted by the UFC for another fight or a contract extension.

So for now, with no fight on the horizon and his future with the UFC apparently up in the air, Marquardt has gone to Albuquerque to help friend and training partner Rashad Evans prepare for his upcoming fight with Michael Bisping at UFC 78 November 17.