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New Anderson Silva Interview – Discusses Fame, His Pound-For-Pound Status, And Moving Up To 205 lbs

Anderson Silva rated by many publications as the number one pound-for-pound fighter in all of mixed martial arts. He recently sat down with Gleidson Venga of to discuss this, his new found fame, and the possibility of moving up to light heavyweight.

Silva on some in the media touting him as the best pound for pound fighter in the world:

Media is media. You have to know your place in these situations. Because when you lose, you’re finished; but when you win, you’re the best. So you have to know how to keep things apart, but I’m mindful of this. I know if I won’t train, I will lose. I know also if I train, there will be a guy who can beat me. So the deal is to keep training. To me this victory over Rich Franklin is in the past. I’ll work to not commit the same errors I committed in my previous fights.

Silva on dealing with his fame here in the states and over in Brazil:

I’m trying to do my job well. I train to do these things people are seeing. There are no cocky things, no waste of time. I train every single movement I do in my fights. And I have to say thank you to all my fans, people who cheer for me. While I keep fighting, I’ll keep training to do better so people will be proud of me. It’s nice, very gratefully. But this is the point: You have to know how to keep things apart. I must be well prepared always.

Silva on fighting at light heavyweight:

When I fought in PRIDE, there was no under 83-kilogram weight class (183 lbs.), so I had to fight under 93 kilograms (205.5 lbs.). UFC offered me to fight in this weight class [185 pounds], so I play there. Everybody has their own problems, and my problems are all under 83 kilograms. But if I have to fight against the light heavyweights, I’ll do this. My regular weight is 97 (214 lbs.); so to reach 93 will be easy for me.

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